Here we go again! Its SoulSkank Toronto’s best dance party back to give you more.

This month we welcome back (DJ Gramera) Graeme Mathieson to the fold. Word on the street is he’s hanging with Ben Johnson for a month or so. Expect him to come home with huge arms, a small dick and a speech impediment. (have I gone too far?) Nah! all roid jokes aside, it’ll be good to have the brother back!

Back with who you ask? well none other than the always consistent (DJ Double K) Parkdale Funk! and the not so consistent Dennis P (stargazer one week shoegazer the next)

We got that Soul music for ya.
We got that Deepfunk for ya.
We got that Rockers reggae for ya.
We got that Dancehall for ya.
We got it all… Musical Flea Market in Kensington Market.

Come by, welcome a brother back! Who knows he may even bring his new buddy ole 9.79 with him.(I get the first race if he does)


Its at Handlebar and its ongle $5 you must can manage that!

This is strictly a Stolen Souls – Northern Soul Horns – Parkdale Funk production.